Become a Precinct Committee Person (PCP)

What Is A PCP?

A precinct is the smallest political subdivision, consisting of a neighborhood or multiple adjoining neighborhoods. Individual voter data is organized by precinct. 

Precinct Committee Persons or PCPs are grassroots neighborhood organizers who work with the party itself to engage and activate Republicans and voters within the precinct they represent. They work with other PCPs, their District Captain, and the Boulder County Republican party to organize their precinct. 

How Do I Become A PCP?

The Precinct Committee Person is elected at the precinct caucus. To learn more about attending your caucus, check out detailed Caucus & Assembly page.

It’s not uncommon to have some precincts with vacancies due to people moving, other commitments, or low interest in an area. When there is a vacancy, the party’s executive committee can appoint PCPs. If you are interested in which precincts have vacancies, or would like be appointed to a precinct vacancy, contact Richard Keck

What Are PCP Responsibilities?