Denial of Citizen Oversight Continues to Haunt Clerk and Recorder Molly Fitzpatrick

December 3, 2020

December 3, 2020
Contact: Theresa Watson

Boulder, CO – The Boulder County GOP released the following statement regarding the refusal to certify the 2020 General Election due to denial to provide supporting records incumbent upon the reconciliation process.

On November 5th the Boulder County Republicans requested, through the Colorado Open Records Act (CORA), the supporting documents be made available to our canvass board prior to its meeting on November 24th. Our request was severely hampered by the county clerk until early December, well after the Canvass Board met to certify. “Without the supporting documents to reconcile the votes and perform the duties of the canvass board, I could not in good conscience certify what I was not able to personally confirm,” said canvass member David Murray. This is another example of the denial of citizen oversight similar to what was seen during the Risk-Limiting Audit. (See for the story.)

The significance of this refusal to provide the documentation requested goes back to the June Primary when documents were admittedly destroyed and others manipulated by county staff. Recently, it was revealed to our team that other documents were also missing from the same election. According to Lauren Cely, Senior Paralegal Specialist, some Accounting Forms for the UOCAVA ballots were not found although the transport record shows them listed at an offsite facility. UOCAVA is the Uniformed and Overseas Citizens Absentee Voting Act or “military ballots” as more commonly called. The lack of security of our election records is alarming. The inability of citizens to access these records in a timely manner is unacceptable.

“Molly promises us an inclusive and secure election yet we are hindered from seeing the documentation necessary to certify the votes while more records go missing,” asserted Theresa Watson, chairman of the Boulder County Republicans. Our intent is for a more bipartisan all-inclusive election system that honors our voters and gives it the diligence it deserves. We will continue to strive toward an open and transparent election for the citizens of Boulder County.