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"We believe you, not government, are in the best position to make decisions about what's right for you & your family."

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Goofy Govt.

Goofy Govt.

School Choice

School Choice

Guns-2nd Amend.

Guns-2nd Amnd.






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BCR Breakfast

BCR Breakfast – December 7 @ Longmont IHOP    Local Government Project...

Make AMERICA Great Again!

Attention:  TRUMP supporters, at this time the BCR Headquarters in Longmont has no Trump...

Colorado Women’s Alliance

Colorado Women’s Alliance Colorado Women’s Alliance supports research, education...

NYC has longest wait for charter schools in the country with 163,000 names on list: report

New York City has the longest waiting lists for charter schools in the nation, according...

New Report Shows 10 Major Cities Fail to Meet Parental Demand for Charter Schools

Washington, D.C. – Many of America’s largest cities can’t meet the growing demand for...

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Stomping on the stereotypes of why people carry firearms

Hoplophobes seem to imagine all gun enthusiasts as seething cauldrons of latent...

It seems that Boulder doesn’t mind breaking our gun laws

Despite the clear text of the law, and in violation of several court rulings, the City...

Gun violence in perspective

Recent polls show that the average American thinks that gun-related crime is on the...

Government Over-regulation Hits Us at the Pool this Summer

Here’s a great example of how we’ve allowed government, at every level, make even the...