Terri Goon for Colorado House District 11


I grew up in Longmont and love this area! As a database manager, my mind works logically while my heart works to be of service to those around me.  I became more interested in politics over the years as politics became more interested in me and those I care about. I truly believe that people know what is best for their own lives and that smaller government leads to more individual decisions that create a better society for all.


Our current state legislature believes:

  • They can spend your money in better ways than you will – as they vote to use what should be your overpayment of taxes to fund their projects, not yours.
  • That this year’s giant increase in property taxes was “something they couldn’t stop” even though they had two years after the Gallagher Amendment was repealed to come up with a good solution.
  • As they continue to choose more committees/commissions/studies/layers of government that require money and regulations and hence more of your tax dollars to run.


Our current state legislature believes:

  • Poor people should not be allowed to defend themselves – as they vote to require expensive special insurance papers that must be carried at all times in order to own firearms.
  • That older or disabled people should not be allowed to defend themselves – as they vote to remove the most comfortable and easy-to-shoot firearms from being available.
  • That statutes stopping concealed carry (the safest group of people in the country) will somehow make things safer – as they vote to disallow concealed carry in sensitive places without requiring metal detectors in those same places


Our current state legislature believes:

  • You should be required to check with the government first before selling your property as they demand the right to purchase your real estate before anyone else.
  • You shouldn’t have the right to determine who can live in your house – as they require “for cause” ends to leases

I truly believe that less government is best government and that while there are requirements of a state legislature their main purpose is to protect our individual rights. Join me in this movement! – Terri Goon