Kathy Reeves for Colorado House District 11

There are a huge number of important issues facing us today.
I would like to focus here on three of them.


Legal immigration has made Colorado and our nation great. Our country has been truly blessed by those who moved here with permission, knew or learned our language, and applied for Citizenship in order to be a cohesive part of our society.

What we are experiencing at our Southern border, our coasts, and now our airports, is completely different. Participants in illegal immigration are already criminals by definition when they arrive. In addition, many are involved in human trafficking, the drug trade, theft, murders and assaults. At the very least, those arrested after committing crimes on our streets must be kept in jail or deported. Far too many crimes have already been committed by those arrested and released again and again. The police need our support. All states are now border states and we must work together to solve these issues.

Giving taxpayer money to illegal immigrants is also a crime. Our current legislature has been putting Coloradans last, and this needs to change.


Pre-born citizens deserve the same respect as those already born. All life is precious and abortion kills that life. I am Pro-Life and will not bend on this issue.

“Gender affirming surgery” is not health care. The lie that children may have been born in the wrong body is an affront to God. Schools have no business indoctrinating children with these lies.

Parents in a free society make decisions for their minor children. This God-given right must be protected. The family unit is the most important building block in our society, and government has a duty to protect families, not destroy them.


The Cost of Living has been increasing at an alarming rate since 2021. Responsibility in government could curb this increase and turn it around. Not only should taxes be decreased, but government should also be decreased in size and scope. Stopping the waste and spending carefully will go a long way towards improving the quality of life for all Coloradans. The Colorado House of Representatives recently approved a $40.6 billion budget. Some of the Republicans are working very hard to stop this trend, but with a Democrat trifecta in the House, Senate and Governor’s office, it is up to you, the voters, to give conservatives a voice, and make positive changes in Colorado.

The oil, gas and hydroelectric industries in Colorado provide clean energy solutions. Exploring alternative energy is good, but mandating it before its time only increases costs. If private industry and business is allowed to thrive, the people of Colorado will reap the benefits.

I would also like to receive your input and concerns, in order to be able to better represent you. I can be reached at KathyReevesforHD11@gmail.com

“These are some of the issues that I feel are the most pressing. I intend to vote against harmful legislation, and introduce or support legislation that that facilitates the ideals and opinions expressed above.” – Kathy Reeves