BCR Statement on DC Protest

January 10, 2021

The tragic loss of life and damage to our Nation’s capitol was heartbreaking and not condoned by the Boulder County Republicans.

Our fellow Republicans, conservatives, and Trump supporters who went to Washington DC (and our state capitol) on January sixth had grievances against a system of government that they felt was treating them unfairly. They wanted to be heard and to be seen as unified patriots speaking out against the injustice of the presidential election.

I spoke with many people from Boulder County before they traveled to DC. The mood was
heartfelt patriotism for a country they love and a president who has done many great things for Americans. There was no talk of insurrection. There were no weapons blazing nor a planned takeover of the capitol. They were exercising their first amendment right to peaceably assemble. They knew they were representing thousands of us that felt the same and I was grateful and proud of them.

We had spent months together working our elections in Boulder County. In spite of what is
being spread throughout the media those working our elections:

• witnessed computer “glitches” that overturned election judge decisions.
• were barred from personally overseeing voting machines.
• were bullied and intimidated to go along and do what we were told.

(There are many other documented serious concerns found in our minority reports from the
June Primary and General Election which can be found at bocogop.org/elections).

Unreasonable barriers and election alarms caused us to question the fairness and integrity of our county elections and we have worked diligently to effect change. Yet there are still ongoing issues that we will not stop pursuing. We will not give up our right to fair and honest elections, our right to speak up and defend our vote. Our grievances will not be silenced by a hostile majority or a system of government.

Today I ask you to pray for the families who lost a loved one. Their hearts are heavy with grief. I ask you to hold your head high and thank God for our freedoms. Let us join together with perseverance in the pursuit of liberty and justice for all.

Theresa Watson