Press Release: Boulder Clerk Prohibits Citizen Access

November 17, 2020

Boulder, CO. – The Boulder County GOP released the following statement regarding Boulder
County Clerk and Recorder’s decision to prohibit meaningful citizen oversight of Risk- Limiting
Audit (RLA):

Access to all citizen judges, auditors, and watchers has been severely limited to long-distance
video cameras and remote observation teams. “Physical access is strictly limited to county
staff,” pronounced Deputy Clerk Justine Vigil-Tapia, late Friday afternoon.

On the first day of the audit process, multiple failures occurred including the inability of
auditors to identify box numbers and corresponding seal numbers due to blurry video and
poor sound. Bipartisan auditors were then asked to sign off using indistinct video with seals
that could not be matched to ballot boxes. When the remote audit board team declined to
certify, indicating the overwhelming obstacles of independently verifying what the county
clerk staff was presenting – clerk staff verbally urged them to proceed on.

Boulder County claims COVID-19 concerns as the rationale for preventing citizen election
judges from critical on-site completion of RLA. Yet, when the county elections division
was informed of an election judge who tested positive for COVID, no other judges who
were working on the same team in close proximity were immediately notified. They
continued to work their shifts unbeknownst to their exposure to COVID-19.

“We believe that our citizens are the backbone of our Democracy. Election integrity falls on
each one of us to be involved and informed. Molly Fitzpatrick’s assault on the confidence
and trust of voters in our citizen election process is not acceptable,” stated Boulder County
Republican Chairman Theresa Watson. “Our civic duties include the oversight of our election
processes and no one has the right to take that away from us, not even a county clerk.”

The state law required Risk-Limiting Audit to compare a hand count of randomly selected ballots
with the machine tally of votes. According to CRS 1-7-515, “the auditing of election results is
necessary to ensure effective election administration and public confidence in the election
process.” This count is occurring in person by all other counties by either election judges or
audit board members.

Contact: Theresa Watson