Liberty On The Rocks Flatirons

Posted on May 16, 2013

Liberty on the Rocks Flatirons is a group of individuals who gather to discuss political and economic topics in an effort to continue the ever-growing movement to promote freedom and individual liberty.  See


Liberty on the Rocks (LOTR) is a grass-roots organization dedicated to promoting political education while fostering an environment where liberty-oriented persons can network and find their own voices in the liberty movement. We meet in local bars, restaurants and taverns in an effort to revive the tavern-style politics of our founding fathers. We focus on helping individuals to become better informed, connected and involved through lively conversation, good food, and libations.

Liberty on the Rocks is a 501(c)(3), non-partisan social and educational organization committed to increasing the size and effectiveness of the liberty movement.


Liberty on the Rocks Flatirons had its inaugural meeting on May 21, 2012 and meets each second and fourth Monday from 6 – 9pm. At each meeting you will have the opportunity to network with other Colorado liberty supporters, organize or participate in community events, contribute to the liberty movement by engaging other individuals, and occasionally listen to speakers who have played an integral part in local politics and economics.